2 Complicated

"A long-distance relationship! Maybe that’s what I need! I knew I was a romantic..."

By enormous popular demand, the multi award-nominated romantic comedy 2Complicated returned to this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival following a sold out run at the Brighton Fringe Festival in May! Social networking might have brought the world closer together, but now perhaps it's too close for comfort, and it's still so very... complicated.

Fast-paced, hilarious, and with a lot of heart, this is a rom-com for the social media generation: the perfect night out with "one of the most exciting and creative emerging companies in recent years" (The Theatre Blog).

GO GO Power Rangeurs

GO GO Power Rangeurs is a parody-update of everyone's favourite, coincidentally most ethnically diverse teen supergroup franchise. Under the guidance of floating-head-thing and un-PC mentor Zordon, this all-American force for justice must put aside their differences and save the day, whilst also setting a great example for the kids (not especially suitable for kids), and learning some lessons about themselves and the world in the process.The Power Rangeurs are growing up!

Jack & I: The Jack the Ripper Musical

1888, and Detective Inspector Abberline is faced with the seemingly impossible task of satisfying his boss, the media, the public, his wife, and his own peace of mind. Oh, and there’s an equally impossible killer on the loose. In the depravity of Victorian London, where nothing is what it seems, how do you find a needle in a haystack?

Mata Hari: The Musical

MATA HARI is the tale of the Dutch wartime dancer, accused of espionage for seducing both French and German officers, re-imagined in a quirky and hilarious new comedy musical.

Way Back

A member of Beachy Head's Chaplaincy Team, Carol, has her work cut out when it comes to saving people from the brink. Join her as she goes above and beyond the call of duty to save depressed romantic Miles, and attention-seeking ex-pop star Randy. A kiss, a date in a greasy spoon cafe, a fight on the cliff tops, an international concert tour, can they help each other find purpose and happiness after all?


After returning from fighting the Protestant Dutch, a group of disaffected Catholics decide a certain Guido Fawkes is exactly the man they need to spearhead their revolution against the new King. He eventually succumbs to their pleas, and must battle 'destiny' and his own conscience to convince himself to carry out what would be one of the greatest acts of terrorism the world has ever seen. The rest, as they say, is history...

About Us

Dedicated to producing new and inventive theatre and comedy, Punchline Theatre (formerly DhK Productions) was officially founded after returning from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014 with JACK & I. However, this followed several previous successes, including IT'S COMPLICATED in Cambridge and London, short-listed for the Cambridge Footlights Harry Porter prize 2012, as judged by Alex Horne (Comedian, The Horne Section): “Without sounding too vain, it was a bit like something I might do … good stuff!”

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